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Books Books Books and the 21st Century Learner

My youngest daughter who is technology savvy asked me a very important question yesterday. Are paper books going to be become extinct? So we had a very involved discussion about electronic books versus paper books. The discussion was at a level that amazed me. She discussed the need to preserve literacy in schools as well as adapt to technology. She expressed concerns about children who did not have computers or internet service. My oldest daughter then chimed in and asked what are leaders in education doing about this to help those children.  I am curious if anyone has had this discussion with young children.  A must see video.


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Register for conferences and PDIs, renew your membership or to join VASCD!


Register for conferences and PDIs, renew your membership or to join VASCD! 

November 30 – December 2, 2011
Williamsburg, Virginia

VASCD is pleased to announce this year’s Annual Conference, Moving Forward: The Evolving Teacher, Learner, and Leader. The pre-conference and keynote line-up includes:


Jim Knight, preconference – author of ‘Unmistakable Impact: A Partnership Approach to Dramatically Improving Instruction’ (with foreward by Michael Fullan)


David Houle – author of soon-to-be-published ‘Shift Ed: A Call to Action for Transforming K-12 Education’ (co-authored by Jeff Cobb)


Chris Lehmann – principal of Philadelphia’s Science Leadership Academy


Yong Zhao – author of ‘Catching Up Or Leading the Way: American Education in the Age of Globalization’


Michael Fullan – author of numerous books on change and leading change


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Reflection of Inventories

In reviewing both my MBTI and LCI scores, I found that both instruments identified my strengths and weaknesses; several I didn’t care to identify but needed in order to develop personally and professionally. I was amazed at how both inventories identified my need to plan and organize and the need for a well ordered life (sequence and judging). They also identified my behavior patterns of the need for task to be broken into steps with accuracy and precision.   Both inventories also allowed me the opportunity to make some needed corrections in my life with regards to technology and the way I see technical tasks (LCI). Wow, what a learning experience. Maybe now I can keep up with my teenage daughters.

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VASCD webpage

Don’t forget to visit the VASCD webpage if you are looking for PD ideas for your staff.

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Where does the firing start and stop?

Where does the firing start and stop with the test cheating scandal. Today my twelve year old said to me as we were driving home from ballet, “Mom, why do we have to hear about the teachers cheating over and over again. If it were students you guys (principals and assist principals); would call parents, give them a zero, make them study and take the test again. Why is it not that simple for the staff? Who are they really firing because they talk about so many people? How do you answer a twelve year old when really her questioning is about values and responsibility; all the good character traits we teacher them  month with our character education programs. Are the teachers getting fire, the directors…where does it all end? Who gets fired first and last?  I’m curious to hear my colleague’s responses. Who really should be fired over the cheating scandal? What about the achievement and skill set needed for the student?

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As educators it’s time we monitor position statements posted throughout our great state on the proposed growth model and the Common Core Standards movements.

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