Where does the firing start and stop?

Where does the firing start and stop with the test cheating scandal. Today my twelve year old said to me as we were driving home from ballet, “Mom, why do we have to hear about the teachers cheating over and over again. If it were students you guys (principals and assist principals); would call parents, give them a zero, make them study and take the test again. Why is it not that simple for the staff? Who are they really firing because they talk about so many people? How do you answer a twelve year old when really her questioning is about values and responsibility; all the good character traits we teacher them  month with our character education programs. Are the teachers getting fire, the directors…where does it all end? Who gets fired first and last?  I’m curious to hear my colleague’s responses. Who really should be fired over the cheating scandal? What about the achievement and skill set needed for the student?

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