Reflection of Inventories

In reviewing both my MBTI and LCI scores, I found that both instruments identified my strengths and weaknesses; several I didn’t care to identify but needed in order to develop personally and professionally. I was amazed at how both inventories identified my need to plan and organize and the need for a well ordered life (sequence and judging). They also identified my behavior patterns of the need for task to be broken into steps with accuracy and precision.   Both inventories also allowed me the opportunity to make some needed corrections in my life with regards to technology and the way I see technical tasks (LCI). Wow, what a learning experience. Maybe now I can keep up with my teenage daughters.

  1. #1 by shawnyatolliver on July 25, 2011 - 2:09 am

    I would have to agree with Melanie’s discovers regarding the MBTI and the LCI as a tool to point out strengths and weaknesses. I have taken the MBTI several times in the past and basically used it as a tool to describe my personality. However, our in depth analysis of using it to identify our blind spots and understanding how is guides us as a leader has been extremely helpful. Combining the information from the MBTI with the learning style preferences identified through the LCI provided me with insights into what makes me thrive and/or what makes me struggle in an environment or situation. I believe that both inventories have sparked a deeper level of reflection regarding my temperament, personality and learning style. I feel more equipped with being able to adjust and compensate for my weakness and using my use as needed learning style.

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