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715 Session

715 Writing class:
Last session we have the opportunity to brainstorm with peers, peer edit and conference with our professor. Now I’m feeling a little stronger about my writing. I love to tell my middle schools students about my homework assignments. They continue to be in awe.


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Good Read.

Please take a moment to review this article. Is this deja vu ? Curious to know your thoughts. Most of the information you have already heard a dozen times or more.

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Reflection on Sports and Education

A few weeks ago I attended a Washington Redskins game at FedEX Stadium. This is not a normal activity for me, and was out of my comfort zone. The only thing I noticed was the amount of waste and excess. If fans spent the amount of money they spent on food and beverages from just one game a year and donate it to public education or a charity of their chocie….WOW!!! what an impact we would make.

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