Eraser Game

This was a challenge as a new administrator I had to face. It’s really not a game at all, but a middle school game that spread fast. If you haven’t heard about it, just Google it and sit back and watch. Beware some pictures are graphic.
Here is an excerpt from a letter that was sent to parents. I am happy to report the incident is under control.

Key words to Google: Ersaer Game or Eraser Challenge.

Also keep an eye on the Ice Cube/Salt Challenge.

LETTER excerpt:
Dear Parent/Guardian(s):
This letter is to make you aware of something that some students are doing that can increase their chances of getting a serious infection. It’s called many things including “Eraser Burn” or “Eraser Challenge.” You may be asking yourself; “What is an eraser burn?” Students get an eraser (on the end of a pencil or a chunk eraser) and rub it hard, back and forth on their own skin, or on the skin of another student with a really fast motion and in the same place creating a serious burn. This is not a new practice for teens; there have been cycle trends for this behavior over the years. Unfortunately, we have seen a few students here at Edison Middle School with wounds from the forearm to the tops of their hands, They have admitted that the wounds are from eraser bums and they only did it on a dare or to prove they were tough.

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