Time Management

As I was sitting here working on my interview assignment and thinking over the topics for our reading for class tomorrow, a few thoughts about time management crossed my mind. By pondering so long over what I need to do is not a good use of my time. My intuition is telling me I need time management class 101. Most articles I have browsed share the need to have a plan, but they have obviously never worked in a public school. So back to the starting point with this idea of having a plan in place to better utilized my time. What’s next; no wait, I’m wasting time again! A time management plan is supposed to force me to rise above the oppression of the pressing and focus my efforts and energies on what is priority. A plan gives is to give me purpose, yet I’m still overwhelmed. My days seem to be in the control of middle school students. So I asked myself what would my perfect day look like. So let’s get our creative juices flowing and share what our perfect day would look like. Anyone willing to share?


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