New to Walker-Grant in 2012-2013

In order to meet our goals we continue to implement new initiatives that are aimed at increasing student achievement and increasing positive behaviors. These initiatives are the early intervention student support program (SSP), Morning Math Mania and Cortez Mathematics.

We have kicked off our new Early Intervention Student Support Program (SSP) to assist middle school learners with challenges they meet in grades 6-8 and provide interventions and strategies to promote our goals of preparing our students to be their best. The early intervention or SSP as we refer to it, allows us to monitor and provide early intervention measures so that students do not fall behind in their academics due to outside stimuli. The program is geared to not only provide corrective instruction measures, but to catch learners who are not focused and need additional support and skills to be successful. An afterschool intervention time had been designated for these students to attend on Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly. Students will also be required to attend due to minor discipline infractions or repeated missed assignments so that it does not interfere with classroom instruction time. For more serious infractions we will continue with our normal discipline policies.

Another new program is a pilot of an accelerated Math curriculum for targeted students. This program was designed to allow each student to progress at his or her optimal rate and experience success with Math concepts. Cortez Math gives students the opportunity to remediate on an individual basis any math concepts in which they are weak before beginning a prescriptive math program that promotes acceleration.

The morning math mania initiative is a specialized program to support students with basic math skills needed for success in the core content mathematics classrooms.

We believe the most important key to Walker-Grant Middle School’s success in raising student achievement is personalization. The staff also believes a middle school must have support services for students to experience success. Our commitment to these new initiatives is what we believe is best for our children.

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