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Benefits of Sport Participation

Involvement in middle school sport and physical activity programs outside of the regular curricular physical education classes provide countless positive benefits for middle school students. Middle school sport programs are based upon developmentally appropriate ways that focus on student needs and interests.

Benefits of Sport Participation includes the following:

  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Improvement  in physical fitness
  • Enhancement of  normal physical and social growth and maturation
  • Improvement of   socialization
  • Improvement in   self-esteem, self-perception
  • Improvement in psychological-being



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November Newsletter Coming Soon

What a great first quarter it has been here at school. I can’t say
enough wonderful things about the Walker-Grant Middle School students,
community and staff. Our teachers are focused and dedicated to our students and
our community. Through their planning efforts and hard work, the beginning of
the school year has been a tremendous success. Kudos to our instructional
staff, counseling department, custodial staff, cafeteria and office staff who worked
diligently to get the school year started. That is a HUGE task in August. Our
PTA has organized their entire year of events and has a great leadership team
in place. I am very excited to be a part of this awesome team.

Please make sure you read all sections of our Tiger Newsletter.

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More Recognitions

This year my administrative team decided to celebrate more recognitions other than Honor Roll, so I’m glad to see others share in our beliefs.


This is a nice article to read.

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Comic on Writing

Sometimes we need a little laughter.

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Should we talk Common Core?

Proudly post your Common Core opinions if you dare. As division reevaluate their current status for the 2012-2013 school year with many districts going into school improvement. Is it time to revisits the Common Core discussion? Colleagues, I’m looking for your feedback.


VDOE and the Board of Education are using the commonwealth’s established process for adopting and revising academic standards to incorporate content from the Common Core State Standards into the Standards of Learning (SOL). In doing so, the board and department are ensuring that expectations for teaching and learning in Virginia schools are comparable to, or in some instances exceed, those of the voluntary national standards.

            VDOE Website retrieved November 16, 2012

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Benchmark Tests Schedule & Concert Dates

After the storm the administrative team will post a new benchmark schedule.

We will also post new concert dates.

Tiger families please be safe. We will see you soon.

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Please Join Us!!!!!!!

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