This has been an amazing part of my life. I experienced a huge shift in my sense of identity and in my professional view; as I took on a new position while pursuing this program. At first, I found it difficult to adjust to the fast pace (I didn’t breathe the first few months) and the fact that I am a single mother just compounded the stress. However, I really enjoyed sharing my story recently with a younger single mother that “anything is possible”.

My personal views also changed drastically. As I came to understand the need for balance, I had to learn to let go of my perfect success-oriented approach to life – Type A personality. Some days I am so exhausted that a solid “B” approach seems like a success. As a result of this journey, I have a renewed interest and appreciation for the small moments in life. I am slowing letting go of my old expectations and embracing the new. It was and continues to be a perplexing process for me, to balance career, home and school- I won’t give up.

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