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Words Can Hurt: No Name-Calling Week 2013

Inspired by the young adult novel The Misfits, where characters work together to create a no name-calling day in their schools, this annual event aims to end name-calling of all kinds in schools and communities everywhere. The WGMS Multicultural Committee is looking forward to celebrating our first annual No Name-Calling Week…… details to follow.


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VASCD Professional Development


Virginia Professional Development Institute 2013
February 22, 2013 in Chester, Virginia
“Strategies and Methods for Teaching and Learning
in the Modern Era”

The age of information surplus is upon us. Continuing with classrooms and schools that do not shift to this reality invites irrelevance into the schooling equation. Join me for a day of exploration into the strategies, tools and resources that yield teaching and learning agile enough to evolve with the shifting information and standards landscape we all navigate in the profession. It is time to move beyond asking what our students know and asking what they can create, innovate and imagine from that knowledge. The resources are widely available to modernize our classrooms and schools. It’s time for our classrooms to meet the exciting realities of a modern educational approach. Specific teaching units, resources and strategies will be shared. Participants are encouraged to bring units, lessons or objectives that they are currently using in the classrooms and/or schools.

Diana Laufenberg has taught all grade levels from 7-12 in Social Studies over the past 15 years. She most recently taught at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia, an inquiry-driven, project-based high school focused on modern learning. Her practice has deep roots in experiential education, taking students from the classroom to the real world and back again. Prior to her work in Philadelphia, she was an active member of the teaching community in Flagstaff, AZ where she was named Technology Teacher of the Year for Arizona and a member of the Governor’s Master Teacher Corps. Diana was featured on for her “How to Learn? From Mistakes” and recognized for earning National Board Certification. Her publications include a featured piece on the New York Times Learning blog, co-authoring a chapter in an educational leadership book, an article in the Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy and regular contributions to
You can fax your registration form, and/or purchase order to (540) 832-7666. You can include your credit card information on the registration form or call us at (434) 466-7466.

Virginia ASCD
(434) 466-7466
(540) 832-7666 (fax)

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Reflecting on Leaders

During the last few months, I have had the chance to talk with several presenters and national speakers who powerfully impacted their audiences. I started to reflect on the remarkable leaders with whom I have worked with over the years and how they have impacted my career and life with their wisdom, insight, guidance and actions. I’m looking for reflections and comments from anyone interested in reflecting on working in public education in these challenging and difficult times. I asked you to share any “aha “moments or take-a-ways you care to share.

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Balance for Busy Families

Finding Balance for Busy Families

Kids have lots of options for activities these days, but an overscheduled child can go from busy to burned out in no time.

by Emily Graham

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Tips for Middle School Parents

Please read this article on parent involvement.

It’s nothing new, but we often need a refresher….even I need a refresher at times.


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Benefits of Sport Participation

Involvement in middle school sport and physical activity programs outside of the regular curricular physical education classes provide countless positive benefits for middle school students. Middle school sport programs are based upon developmentally appropriate ways that focus on student needs and interests.

Benefits of Sport Participation includes the following:

  • Improvement of motor skills
  • Improvement  in physical fitness
  • Enhancement of  normal physical and social growth and maturation
  • Improvement of   socialization
  • Improvement in   self-esteem, self-perception
  • Improvement in psychological-being

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