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SOL Time

I hope you had a restful and peaceful break with family and friends. It’s now time to prepare for SOLs. School attendance is critically important at this time of the year. Please call the administration if you have any attendance questions.


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While I recognize not everyone will have the opportunity to take advantage of the week-long break in the schedule that students enjoy, it nevertheless is a part of the normal rhythm of the academic year that deserves note.
Springtime around the world is traditionally observed as a time of renewal, and regardless of how you spend the break—even if it is in the office—I hope you have an opportunity to engage in some needed “spring cleaning” as we prepare for the home stretch of the school year. Each of us likely define spring cleaning in a variety of different and personally meaningful ways, such as catching up on some long-delayed project or chore at work or at home, or simply taking a few moments to take stock of your goals.
For me, personally, I am continually reinvigorated by the privilege of working with a group of people as dedicated and talented as the faculty, staff, students, and parents who make up the this community. HAPPY SPRING!

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