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Great Things all kids need

Relationships are the oxygen of human development. All young people need and deserve many adults who connect – and connect deeply- with them.
Peter Benson, Ph.D.

Great things all kids need:
Support – empowerment- boundaries & expectations – constructive use of time – commitment of learning – positive values – social competencies – positive identity


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University of Mary Washington

UMW magazine pic

I was excited to be featured as an alumni in the University of Mary Washington Alumni Magazine July 2013.

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The power of vulnerability.

I am still reflecting on the comment from TEDtalk with Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability.
CHILDREN: They are hardwired for struggle when they get here. Our job is not to say they are perfect. . Our job is to say, you’re imperfect and wired for struggle but worthy of love and belonging (paraphrased).
Very powerful!

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Great Things All Kids Need:

Great Things All Kids Need:



Boundaries & Expectations

Constructive Use of Time

Commitment to Learning

Positive Values

Social Competencies

Positive Identity

“Relationships are the oxygen of human development. All young people need and deserve many adults who connect-and connect deeply-with them”.  –Peter L. Benson, Search Institute

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Fun Quote

My new favorite quote:

Every writer I know has trouble writing.
— Joseph Heller

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Jackie O – fun little quotes

Everyone who knows me well will tell you that I am a huge Jackie O fan:

And in diffuclt times in my life I resort to her books written on her life, documentaries and her quotes.

A few quotes:
If you bungle raising your children, I don’t think whatever else you do matters very much.
Jackie Kennedy

If you mess up your children, nothing else you do really matters.
Jackie Kennedy

There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.
Jackie Kennedy

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